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Karst Cuevas de Sorbas (Caves of Sorbas)

Although there are many caves in Andalucia not all are suitable for viewing and only a handful actually open to the public. 
The Caves of Sorbas are situated just off of the scenic A370 road that runs through the mountains and are about half an hours drive from Garrucha.
These gypsum caves are in their natural state and classified as "live" (water still flows through them in the rainy season) so are not accessible year round, even in the summer a trickle of water may sometimes be seen.
Guided tours take place throughout the day so it is advisable to book in advance to ensure helmets and lamps are reserved for you and a guide is available, access is not allowed to these caves without a guide.
Depending on your agility and fitness you may choose from three routes of difficulty and ranging in time from less than 2 hours to around 5 hours.
Helmets and lamps are supplied as there is no artificial light in these caves but it advisable to wear stout shoes/trainers, also wear clothes that don't matter much if they get dirty as you will have to crawl through some of the adjoining caves.
Before you start your guided tour allow time for the visitor centre where you may gain an understanding of the gypsum karst and the whole municipality of Sorbas. The exhibition is set out in three rooms that contains photo's, graphics and information which explains the importance of the karst. There is also a video shown throughout the day that you may sit and watch. 

For reservations telephone: 950 364 704
TIP If you plan to go on somewhere else after visiting the caves take a change of clothes, or a clothes brush, with you as you will probably need them.            


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